About Us

A passion for the profession

Our trendy jewelry is designed with love and passion and presented to you by passionate women, far away from the hustle and bustle of traditional shops. A relaxed atmosphere, personal advice and exceptional after-sales service are some of the many reasons that have made Victoria the market leader in direct jewelry sales.

Our Commitment 

At Victoria, we are committed to Think Pink with tireless enthusiasm and want to do our part to support other women. Think Pink is committed to breast cancer patients and their environment on a daily basis.

Our Mission

Victoria makes you shine.

We want to improve women's lives and make them shine!

By letting women be their own boss,

By inspiring women, giving them more self-confidence,

By creating a community where women support each other,

By offering them beautiful jewelry.

Meet Our Founder 

In 1991, Françoise Kaisin, passionate about direct sales from the beginning, decided to give her jewelery experience a new direction and organize "home parties". She convinces her friend, Brigitte Vyncke, to join her in this adventure.

Françoise is convinced that people have a need for social contact, and that our society no longer offers the opportunity to make contacts in a friendly and pleasant way. Together they select beautiful jewelry and compile catalogs every year, with varied collections catering to the tastes of all women.

Success soon broke out on both the Belgian and French markets and Victoria became the market leader in direct sales in jewellery. 25 years later, Germany and the Netherlands are also taking their first promising steps.

Looking back at the immense scope of her project, Françoise feels an incredible sense of pride and gratitude for everyone who has accompanied her over the years. Victoria is first and foremost an engaging, human story.

Our Guarantee

We are proud of the quality of our jewelry and want you to enjoy it for a long time. That is why you will receive a unique warranty or proof of purchase with each piece of jewellery. Naturally, all Victoria jewels – in accordance with European guidelines – are guaranteed nickel allergy free: they are regularly checked for this in an independent laboratory (Laboratoires Dubois-Switzerland). Every Victoria jewel is (unless technically impossible) provided with our stamp of authenticity.

A unique proof of purchase is always provided for jewelery that is not covered by the warranty certificate on the finishing layer. Any jewel that is defective due to a manufacturing defect, and is recognized as such by our technical service, will be replaced free of charge by Victoria, provided it is covered by the warranty or proof of purchase. Damage resulting from mishandling of the jewelry or normal wear and tear is not covered by the warranty.